Top 10 cryptocurrency exchanges that are most trusted and best

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2017 was a great year and there was the explosion of growth with similar questions such as ‘where can I trade cryptocurrencies, ‘where can I  Exchange-bitcoinbuy Bitcoin’, and so on. Being familiar with stock exchanges means getting the threads of is simple. There is exchange bitcoin done on the platforms. And the craze is growing.

Here are a few most trusted cryptocurrency exchanges:

  • Coinbase/GDAX: Coinbase is a reputable platform supporting 32 countries through most of Europe, Australia, North America and the UK. Coinbase is good for starters and there is a traditional investor’s choice as well. Payment can be done through bank or credit card. GDAX is Coinbase extension that is a traditional exchange functioning as a real-time marketplace. There are no fees in transacting between GDAX and Coinbase.
  • Poloniex: Poiloniex is a reputable choice for altcoins selection. You can trade on margin, but even Poloniex UI also does not provide advanced technical tools but has a great interface offering useful information in tons. An ideal choice for margin trade traders.
  • Kraken: This is one of the bitcoin exchange rate usd. It offers fiat support, perks, altcoins and margin trading. The currencies include USD, EUR, CAD and JPY to be used as bank wire deposit. Kraken is not very simple to navigate. The ideal choice for traders who desire complete features set.
  • Bittrex: This cryptocurrency exchange focuses on altcoins and new ones. The UI is good and offers technical tools for analysis and supports more than 190 coins.

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  • Binance: This is a popular choice, but Binance is outside China registered. As it is partially funded, the transaction fee is 0.1%. Fiat money is not used here and so one must buy Bitcoin. The UI is separate, with clean UIs. Starters will find this simple and traders with broad coins selection looking for low fees will find this apt.
  • Bitfinex: Bitfinex is a professional exchange that was hacked in 2016, but has bounced back. People can find its interface customizable and there is fiat support and margin trading those expert traders will be satisfied.
  • Bithumb: This supports fiat and is the right place to trade between fiat currency and coins such as Monero and Ripple. The UI is effective and simple among popular cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin to usd exchange
  • ShapeShift: This is a unique exchange that decentralizes trading process. There is no fiat support. Traders who like decentralized swapping of cryptocurrencies may be interested.
  • Kucoin: A Chinese exchange to trade with ETH, BTC, USDT, NEO, and KCS. Ideal for traders with NEO and can have low fees. Use rare coins and the UI is good.

     .  Cobinhood: A new exchange, nil fees, UI is same as GDAX and offers ICO underwriting service. It is promising and great.