Ripple Report XRP Sales Dropped 56% in Q2, but Customer Base Grew

It is very unlikely for sales to drop yet the customer base is growing. In a real business scenario, this might be ripple-news-todayhypothetical. However, according to the ripple news, the ripple reports have it that the XRP sales have dropped by 56 percent within the last second quota. The most interesting thing is that the number of customers increased dramatically. What do you understand by the number of customers increasing? It means that despite other factors pulling down the company’s wellbeing, then number of customers or basically the customer base has continued to increase.

From the ripple xrp latest news, there are a number of possible factors which could have contributed to what is being experienced. The first factor which you can always think of is the quality of services offered by the XRP. In every business, the number of customers may remain constant or even grow if only the services being offered make the customers happy. You will also agree with me in the fact that customers may opt not to drop out of the company simply because of sales not improving. Why is this so? It is basically because the status of any organization may not be determined solely by sales within a certain period of time.

Secondly, from the later news, ripple price might have played a great role as far as the drop in sales in concerned. You will agree with me that the normalcy associated with sales by be shaken a little whenever there is an alteration in prices of services or products being offered. This is normal but it is upon such organization as this to introduce new marketing strategies with the aim of boosting sales both in short and in the long run.

The ripple news today has also highlighted the idea that there might be some changes in customer base if the sales continue to deteriorate. The image of such an organization is also determined by how much sales in makes within a specified period of time. You will agree with me that some of the customers may lose faith in the organization and this will make them move out. If you have been following this company with the aim of investing in it, then you are no in a good position to decide whether to join it as one of their customers or not.

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