Reality Shares Will Join Increasingly Crowded Bitcoin Hedge Fund Arena, Says Source

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Apparently, according to the bitcoin news today, it is clear that the California-based Reality Shares has come out Bitcoin news todayas the next competitor in the Bitcoin Hedge fund space. This news was accrued from anonymous sources who expressed these reliable facts to the Business Insider in mid this month. It is also a fact that the Reality has been in existence as far as cryptocurrency space is concerned. With that idea, other sources have expressed the fact that it has joined the Hedge Fund Arena and is set to compete with other dealers of cryptocurrency.

From the bitcoin latest news today, it is clear, also that the Reality Shares has been occupying a sizeable cryptocurrency space since the beginning of this year. This was also the time when it made itself known especially after it introduced the Chinese blockchain ETF mid this year. With that single move, it succeeded in attracting $25 million worth of funds. Moreover, one of the unnamed people who is familiar with this company has hinted at the fact that the fund would be used for arbitrage, venture, and strategies. This will be a great move as far as the directionality of the firm is concerned.

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From the bitcoin news updates, it is clear that the numbers of players in the 2018 bear market have been increasing and is now overcrowded. With that, it has proved a challenge to those identifying with hedge fund operators. This issue has been seconded by the bitcoin for which has confirmed the allegations by the Cointelegraph which exposed the fact that the industry commentators have shared their worries as far as market pressure is concerned. There is a fear that 10 percent of the hedge funds will be closed down due to the pressure.

The bitcoin news on CNBC have also the current hedge fund activities could affect that prices of in future and this fact has also been supported and seconded by Venture capitalist, Spencer Bogart. Earlier, some of the interested parties had expressed their feelings regarding the fact that in the previous years, bitcoin cash news people were able to attain good returns which helped them stay afloat in the preceding years but this year has proved different. It is predicted that if the reality Shares rise to $100 million marks, there will be only 28 rival figure to deal with.

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