Another $24 million bitcoin scam leads to arrest of actor Jirapisit by Thai Police

In an event reported on 9th August, a 27-year-old actor named Jiratpist “Boom” Jaravit was detained by the Thai bitcoin-latest-news-todaypolice under the alleged crime of conducting a $24 million scam by using cryptocurrency bitcoin latest news today.

Jirapisit is one among the seven suspects who have been detained following the crime which includes his sister and older brother. On 26th July, the Thai criminal court awarded the warrant for Jaravit’s arrest that came just after a complaint was lodged by a Finland based man to have lured him into the investment of $34 million in cryptocurrencies. The actor has been currently detained over the charges that include money laundering. However, Jirapisit denies all these allegations.

According to the complaint, the cybercrooks promised to use the money to purchase the shares of companies which showed interest in Dragon Coin cryptocurrency. As per Bangkok Post, the investors received no dividends from the investment done by them or no invitation for the shareholder’ meeting. In a statement provided by Crime Suppression Division, bitcoin current news these cybercriminals withdrew the BTC by using the e-wallets which were then converted to the local currency baht.

Before this, the police in South Korea raided the office of Shinil Group, the members of which were alleged in procuring a crypto scam that promised the investors in return the remnants of Dmitrii Donskoi which was a Russian Warship that sank about 113 years back. To encourage the customers to purchase company’s cryptocurrency, the Shinil Group promised a reimbursement with gold that comes straight from this sunken ship. The self-made cryptocurrency by Shinil attracted about $53.7 million for investments that came from 100,000 investors post the launch that was held this year. However, no clear evidence has been obtained to prove that the warship ever contained anything holding value.

Recently, Trend Micro which is a Tokyo-based manufacturer dealing with software security revealed that they have managed to find a BTC based ATM (Automated Teller Machine) that is available online for purchase. This was an advertisement as cited by Trend Micro which has been posted over the forum located in Darknet by a user who is apparently well established and even respected in the domain. The BTC ATM has been priced at $25,000 that comes with a card that is ready-to-use along with EMV as well as NFC (Near-Field-Communication) capabilities.

Bitcoin news updates have always attracted digital malefactors given its popularity in the market making it all the more problematic for investors to lay trust on the cryptocurrency platform. The year 2018 has revealed an array of scams related to Bitcoin even in Japan where in April, a joint investigation conducted by the Tokyo along with Hyogo police led to an arrest of total 12 individuals related to a fraudulent scam that involved bitcoin that was worth a whopping ¥190 million.

Among the top biggest frauds seen in the recent years, popular cryptocurrencies service provides that were accused of scams include iFan, Pincoin, OneCoin, Bitconnect, Plexcoin, CentraTech, and many others. To remain wary of these scams, investors need to ensure that the service provider works under the regulations and ethics set by regulatory bodies. Something that is too good to be true is something that could be a fraudulent business.

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