Microsoft’s search Engine blocks over 5 mln crypto ads

crypto ads

In a move to have a secure search and safe surfing on the internet, Microsoft’s search engine and advertisement platform Bing has said in its 2018 review report which was published on March 25 that it has banned over 5 million cryptocurrency related advertisements. Apparently, many of the leading webpage contents had a staggering amount of cryptocurrency advertisements, most of which were scammers.

Back in July 2018, when Facebook had made major strides on banning crypto ads, Google also had followed their footsteps, but had lifted the ban in Sept 2018 and had allowed crypto ads with the legitimate and authentic background.

The growing popularity of the crypto assets has led many outright scammers to breed in through the web pages. Since there were no regulations and no proper system to monitor the fraudulent activities of these scammers, it led to many problems for the netizens and crypto users.

In this regard, Bing decided to ban all the crypto ads that didn’t have any legitimacy and found out that over 5 million of the ads were not having legitimacy which led them to ban all these ads.

Interestingly along with the tech support scams and weapons,  cryptocurrencies stand up as the key support areas. While the crypto platform has generated around 900 million ads, crypto-related ads actually represent a meagre 1 per cent of this total amount.

Many also tout a switcheroo on Bing’s side, as said earlier that even Google reversed its ban. Looking at the stream of the popularity of the crypto assets, Bing may also resolute a plan to accept compliant ads with specific regulations.

Meanwhile, Bing claims that its move against the weapon advertisement has resulted in blocking of 18 million ads over 5,000  websites. The company has also said that its move has also led to closure Bing Ads account which was over 12,000 in number.

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