Hyperledger Announces New ‘Cryptography Library’ for DLT Development


On Dec 4, an official statement by the Hyperledger Technical Steering Committee said that they have approved the Ursa project, a modular cryptography software library. Hyperledger is extremely popular for institutional and commercial use.

The move came after the Hyperledger felt the need to have a sophisticated cryptographic implementation for their projects. The post has stated Ursa as a change from having each project implementing its own protocols to collaborating on a shared library.

Ursa helps to avoid wasted work on duplicate projects, enhances security by simplifying analysis and making it less likely for less experienced people to create they are own less secure implementations.

Reportedly the project is supposed to give grant on simplifying cross-platform interoperability since multiple projects would use the same libraries and also the ability to enforce expert review of all cryptographic code.

Hyperledger also stated that the new library will help the blockchain developers to choose and modify their cryptographic schemes with a simple configuration file. Also, the Ursa will have implementations of newer, fancier cryptography.

There are two smaller library divisions. There are simple, standardized, modular cryptographic algorithms in the first library and more exotic cryptography in the second one. Advanced cryptographic algorithms are used here such as pairing-based signatures, SNARKs, aggregate signatures, and threshold signatures etc.

The software will have interfaces in all of the different languages that are commonly used throughout Hyperledger and also it will be primarily written in Rust.

Hyperledger expects that Ursa will make it is easier for the new projects to get off the ground if they have easy access to well-implemented, modular cryptographic abstractions and hence also implementing an ease of access.

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