Fundstrat Survey: 54% of institutional players think bitcoin prices has already ‘bottomed’

Bitcoin Prices

The pattern and movement of the bitcoin market price have made many traders and investors anxious. The currency is n the verge of making a significant change in movement. The problem that most people face is that no one is really sure about the direction the currency will move. The experts seem to believe that the pattern is not something new. They have seen it before and in the past, the result had been a positive move for bitcoin price right now. This fact has not stopped many from believing that the currency has hit the bottom of the current btc price. There have been many inconsistencies in the bitcoin price prediction.

Has bitcoin hit bottom

There was a survey conducted by the Fundstrat Global Advisors which reveals that the bitcoin has reached the bottom. Approximately fifty percent of the respondents believe that the currency has already bottomed for this year. These same traders also believe that the currency will see significant increases in the coming 2019 year. There are still a few people on social media namely Twitter who believe that the currency as room to fall and will fall before the end of the year and into the New Year.

A slight change in investors

The high-profile investors that are common to the cryptocurrency trading platform are being replaced by the institutionalize investors as reported by Bloomberg dated the first of October 2018. The more traditional investors are becoming more and more interested in trading on the crypto market. This is through means of straight up deals. The belief in the decline of the currency is due to the current pattern it is showing on the market. There is still the possibility for the currency to increase or decrease and everyone has their speculations.

There is no surety that the predictions will come through, but many experts have already been proven wrong. There are some experts that believe that bitcoin today price will have or is poised to make a significant jump in the right direction before the end of the year. Although there have been surveys done there is still not a consensus made as it relates to the increase or decrease of the currency. According to most bitcoin price news, there will be a constant discussion about the bitcoin price for the rest of the year. This is mainly because of the pattern and movement of bitcoin that we are currently seeing on the cryptocurrency trading market. To some, the price is already set in stone but for some experts thy expect it to make a dramatic change.

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