Bitcoin, Altcoin prices shun volatility amid multi-year trade volume lows

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Since it first came on the scene Bitcoin price performance has been steadily increasing. The bitcoin market price has been fairly calm in the global trades. This creates a peaceful atmosphere in areas of cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin has been one of the only currencies that have to remain stable while the exchange value is at its worst in over a dozen months. October is a month that social media has noted that there will not be much impact to bitcoin prices right now due to bitcoin price news.

Low volumes for trading

Bitcoin today price has remained stable as that of Altcoin has fluctuated. It is a belief that the trading has been a bit slow and has been so for the past couple of years. Most bitcoin investors are reluctant to make any moves on the market. This is a treasure cove for traders as the volumes are as low as they were a year ago. This has been seen before. It is a pattern that influences the bitcoin price prediction. It is still very apparent that it is poised to take the market.

Poised for an increase

Bitcoin price right now is in a position that has been seen before and the end result was a breakout for the currency. Experts believe that a breakout of above two hundred DMA could be the direction of bitcoin. It is a very good time to invest or buy bitcoin. The patterns it has been showing in the market leads experts to believe there is a dramatic change or increase on the horizon. It could be for this very same reason bitcoin has not show much volatility and it might just be the calm before the storm.

The current btc price is expected to remain more or less in the same position. It is expected that this pattern will go well in the fourth quarter before any real change is seen in the pattern. If you are considering buy bitcoins this might be the best time to do so. The currency made a breakout in mid-September but was never able to surpass the three billion mark. If and when the currency reaches this mark the market will have seen its best and its absolute worst. It is still an only md year and there is time for the market to change but that might be asking for too much. There will be a change in the currency’s pattern on the market between now and the end of the fourth quarter.

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