Crypto markets stay mostly stagnant despite this week’s major news for industry

Crypto markets

There has been major news in cryptocurrency, but the market has remained stagnant. Cryptocurrency latest news today is around the pattern of Bitcoin and the predictions of the experts. It is predicted that bitcoin will make a drastic change in a short time. This is a pattern that the market has seen before and in the end, the result was a breakout of the currency. Most analysts are looking to see a movie. The problem with this move is that no one is sure of the direction that the move will be in.

The latest on crypto currency news

This is the focus for all the top cryptocurrency news sites. All traders are on edge waiting to see the end result of the movement of the currency pattern. This might be the best time to invest in bitcoin. It should be the very worst time to invest but according to the experts, it is a very good time. With all the excitement around bitcoin, the currency has been uncharacteristically stagnant.

The changes in the pattern

The cryptocurrency news today is that it has not seen much in terms of upward moving pattern. There are a few currencies that are trading very weak but that is about to change. The gains by most currencies are marginal although most Altcoins are trading in the green. There are some currencies that are making gains, but they too have not been enough to shake the market. There as not been any significant drops as well with the exception of a few altcoins that are just reversing.

The market has only seen an increase of about one percent daily. It is moving quite slowly. This has been the stat of the market for over a few months now and it has lead trades to believe there are no further dumps that will take place. The market has finally hit the bottom. This is the lowest the crypto market has seen in almost a year. This was a pattern that trader and experts witnessed in 2017 which resulted in some unexpected activity, especially with bitcoin.  Crypto news today will talk about the predictions made for bitcoin. This currency has the entire market anxious. The direction of its movement will have a definite impact on the market and its behavior. You can be sure the market won’t be as stagnant in the coming months. Experts do believe that by the middle of the fourth quarter, there will be significant changes to the market and to the price of the bitcoin.

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