Bitcoin prediction for the future

Bitcoin news updates

Sometimes the future of the digital currency can be predicted but at the end, it turns to disappoint the forecasters. ItBitcoin current news is hard to predict the crypto market but still is a way to take caution just in case the worst happens. In 2017, Saxo Bank had some predictions regarding bitcoin and the prediction seemed to be impressive. The bank had in mind that the coin would rise due to inflation which would chase most of the investors away but it never happened. It was said that the dollar was to soar and fluctuate but it has been stable like never before.

Now that we are in 2018 the cryptocurrencies have been doing great though the bitcoin latest news update shows the downfall of bitcoin from $20k to $9k still there is no room for losing hope.  It seems that the great “investing genius” had predicted back at the end of 2017 that “with almost certainty that cryptocurrencies will come to a bad ending” the other digital currencies might be doing great but the way bitcoin is heading to, can significantly affect the total value of cryptocurrency. The big question is, what is the expectations of bitcoin in future? This is a question that any investor has in his or her mind, it is obvious bitcoin is predicted to be the next gold.

Bitcoin latest news

According to Palihapitiya, bitcoin price will rise to $100,000 in three to four years to come and in the next twenty years, the digital currency will be around $1 million. He believes that bitcoin news updates are a store of value just the same as gold, this is very easy to believe because the value of bitcoin has been going up no matter the challenges that try to pull it down. It is believed that bitcoin will always remain to be the strongest in the community of cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin current news indicates predictions of bitcoin success; it is said that bitcoin could hit as high as $50k by the end of 2018. Recently the cryptocurrencies seem to be volatile which the greatest fear to the investors. For the long-term investors, this should not be a worry to them since they are on the business for a long time says Jeet Sign the portfolio manager. This is just a prediction only time can tell if the prophecy comes to pass the price of a bitcoin will be around $10k that would be a perfect increase.