All about the Ripple Cryptocurrency Price

In the digital sea of more than 1,000 currencies, it is sometimes hard to analyze and choose the right currency to deal with. However,  ripple-cryptocurrency-newssome of them do have a promising and rather interesting potential. Unlike some currencies with unknown founders, Ripple was founded by the Ripple company in 2012. Many believe that Ripple is not a classical cryptocurrency, ripple cryptocurrency news but a combination of a currency exchange and a money transaction company.

How Ripple cryptocurrency works

Ripple is a system that enables the execution of transactions by binding banks, digital exchanges and corporations in order to be able to send and receive money worldwide. The basic idea is to replace old principles like SWIFT. Ripple has licensed its blockchain technology to many banks. Furthermore, there is a lack of complete anonymity that most people value in cryptocurrencies. Relationship with the “enemy” i.e. the banks, rejects many, but what is most important is that Ripple is doing great on the market and that this connection with institutions – banks can even represent a measure of security.

How much can you earn from Ripple trading

Do not get tricked by the current low value of the Ripple (XRP) coin. The thing is that there are currently around 38.7 billion units while the limit is set at 100 billion.  Ripple was born in April 2013, when it was issued at a price of $ 0.005. Since then, it has risen to a far higher price and now ranks #3 among all crypto currencies with a value of $ 0,672808 with only Bitcoin and Ethereum ahead. How to buy ripple cryptocurrency therefore, you can earn a decent amount of money with Ripple, especially if you take into account that the transaction fees are far lower than those of Bitcoin.

The Top 3 Ripple crypto currency trading websites

# 1 – Bitfinex

Despite somewhat higher fees, Bitfinex gains popularity due to lots of supported currencies, including Ripple. Other benefits safety and liquidity.

# 2 – Switchain

Even though it is relatively new, Switchain is so easy to use it definitely deserves a place among the top 3 websites. No safety deposits or personal information required. Freedom, ease and safety are three words to describe Switchain ripple cryptocurrency price.

# 3 – Kraken

Kraken has a good reputation with Ripple, due to its advanced types of orders and reliability. Ripple is a unique system, between a cryptocurrency and a money transaction system with bright predictions for the future of its price.