Crypto prediction market augur is gearing up for its first major upgrade

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The crypto market augur is predicting major upgrades are the top story of cryptocurrency news today. There has been little to no movement on the market in a few months. Bitcoin is posed to make a dramatic move, but no one is really sure of the direction. Experts have predicted that the movement will be in a positive direction similar to the results that they have seen in similar patterns. This has been the most exciting and awaited movements the market has seen in months according to the top cryptocurrency news sites.

The Augur platform upgrades

The augur had three hundred users when it first launched which by means of its standards stated crypto news today. The amount of people using the platform has decreased by as much as two thirds. Reports are that the biggest problem of the platform is personal user ability. The platform is having problems due to how difficult it is to use. It is not just the platform that is difficult to use but the project’s website is also not very user-friendly. Cryptocurrency latest news today is that the developers have recognized and have assured the users of the improvement of the new model. Those improvements will eliminate some of the confusions and risk to all users. A faster and cheaper platform is the destination for the platform.

The platform developers

Until the code is written the developers are being very tentative about the changes they make to the platform. Those who have the REP token will need to sign a new contract if they want to upgrade their app. There is a lot of range changes that are outlined by the developers designed to better the experience and experience f trading on the platform. There are two trading versions that are offered by an augur, one that malfunctions and the other stops trading. Only the feature that stops trading will be available in the next version of the application.

The augur platform is getting an upgrade and all the negative drawback associated with the app is being addressed by the developers. The new version will be a completely different monsters design to give the user an experience the first vision could not. They are a similar application but both versions will be very different things.  If you have had a bad experience with the augur platform you will want to try the upgraded version. This is designed to give the user a better experience while using the platform to trade.

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