$42 Million in Crypto is now Being Airdropped to NEO Investors

Apparently, some of the NEO users or investors can confirm the fact that they are lucky for being what they are. This NEO-Investors is basically because as from this week, all the users of the Neo blockchain will be rewarded with 10 million ONT tokens. If this is converted, it will clock about $42,100,000. This is a huge sum of money if the value of crypto is taken into consideration. This are the latest cryptocurrency news that have taken some of the individuals aback. In fact, if you look at the cryptocurrency news today, you will realize that the sum which has been released was meant to propel the entire Ontology platform.

The whole development has been propagated by the need to migrate NEO holders to the Ontology mainnet. Some of us might not be aware of what this is all about but if you know the answer to the question: “what is cryptocurrency”, then you will be in a good position to understand what these news are all about. On the other hand, with these latest news, some users have become interested on how to buy cryptocurrency. In fact the $42 million airdropped has made a game change as far as the cryptocurrency platform is concerned.

The ontology has a number of projects aimed at embarking on token migration. This is what has been considered as token swap. The Neo-based ONT holders must move their tokens over the ontology platform for them to benefit from the $42 million airdrop. The process of migrating will however be a tough challenge to some of the NEO users basically because of technicalities associated with protocols. The challenges will not only revolve around how to buy cryptocurrencies but also due to the fact that ONT tokens on Ontology’s mainner is an invisible procedure. This will add the complexity to things despite the fact that everything is a celebration as we speak.

For instance, from the latest cryptocurrency news, anything that has decimal points in terms of tokens cannot be migrated to the mainnet. This figure has to be rounded off or basically truncated to make the migration successful. For instance, if you have like 1.2 ONT, you will be forced to truncate this hence losing 0.2 ONT. This is what has made people furious as far as how to buy cryptocurrency on the new platform is concerned.

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