Best Ethereum Wallet and its alternatives

Ethereum is a crypto currency, which is considered to be more complex than the Bitcoin. And all wallets do not support the block chain  Ethereum-walletthat Etherum is built on. So one has to be very careful in considering the options for the stacking of Etherum. The best option to store Etherum and any other crypto is always the Best Ethereum Wallet. But there are some alternatives to it which can also be taken into consideration for the crypto currency.

First, let’s look how the Hardware Wallet works and afterwards the alternatives to it will be discussed in the article.

Hardware Wallet:

The Hardware wallets are considered the safest to store the crypto currency. But they are not free of cost. The hardware wallet is in the form of portable USB which can be connected with a computer as well as with the mobile. Nano Ledger S is an example of a hardware wallet, which has a built in support for most of the crypto currencies. It can also store Ethereum.

CoinBase: An online Ethereum Wallet:

CoinBase is an online Ethereum wallet. It is the simplest option to use for storing Ethereum wallet online. It is a Web Wallet that is easy to use and set up for the crypto currency. Whereas, it is not considered a safe option because the company reserves the rights to hold the private key on your behalf.

Exodus Wallet: A desktop wallet for Ethereum:

Exodus can be downloaded and used for keeping the crypto currency on the desktop. It is an independent wallet, which keeps the key on your computer. It is considered safe because it is not connected to an external server. However, there are no mobile versions of this desktop wallet.

Jaxx: A desktop wallet:

Jaxx is also a desktop wallet for storing Ethereum. It can also be installed on your machine and is safe to use because it also keeps the key saved on your computer as the Exodus wallet does.

Trust: A mobile app for Ethereum:

It is the official mobile application for Ethereum. This Ethereum Wallet app is compatible for both iOS and Android devices. It is very convenient to use for keeping the Ethereum on Android and iOS devices.

Ethereum is still in the evolving days and it is not as popular as the BitCoin. But as the prices are rising, it can be predicted that it will soon become popular among people. So, more wallets will be introduced to store Ethereum.