Are you keen in Bitcoin trading, find here reputable Bitcoin trading platforms

Bitcoin trading has gained utmost popularity and there are many Bitcoin trading platforms that selecting the best Bitcoin trading platformWhere-do-you-trade-bitcoin from the list of exchanges with a good reputation is not easy. Yet here are a few names that are widely known and have the reputation of being the best trading platforms.

Coinbase: This is the place that most people start. It is really convenient here and not a big brainers job. The convenience here is that they buy 4 currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin for US dollars. Coinbase serves as a web wallet, has over four million customers and is available in several countries. Bitcoin trading strategies the design is intuitive and instant purchases are the two features attracting their user base. Besides, Bitcoin deposits are backed and insured by the partnership of Coinbase that includes many other banks.

Binance: This is also a popular trading platform that offers rich coin offer and the rates are lower. It is a good place for skilled traders as it is user-friendly and intuitive as Coinbase. However, it is ideal if you already know about this field to some real extent. This is a Chinese service and so everything is done by China and it is trying to eliminate cryptocurrencies, so beware and monitor here.

Swiftchain: This is also a well-known Bitcoin trading platform that is straightforward and simple. The difference is that this is a worldwide service offering lot of coins and offers also the rates comparison that you may know about the few exchanges to be assured of getting the best deal. Bitcoin futures trading same as Binance, you do not get many cryptocurrencies to buy or sell with regular money.

Local Bitcoins: This is a trading platform that allows directly trading assets with other people and you cannot do with an exchange company. This is in accordance with cryptocurrencies initial idea such that it does not involve the third party exchanges as it makes it really appealing. This refers to P2P exchange, putting the power in the customer’s hands that they can determine their trade terms. Local Bitcoins is also accessible in most countries except New York State and Germany.

Kraken: This is a suitable Bitcoin trading platform for day traders having a fair amount of experience in this field. These may be people who do not look for altcoins and appreciate the buying crypto option for fiat money. However, there were some issues regarding handling the traffic, yet it is going strong and has an amazing reputation.