Bitcoin startup Acinq raises $1.7 million to double down on lightning

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The creation of the lightning app is a giant success with its developers. The technology has seen more investors interested in the application. According to bitcoin latest news today, Acinq might be the leader in startup companies that are doing work on the new lightning network. This is a top-level network that aims to improve the transaction that can be supported by bitcoin. Lightning Labs is no longer the only entity that makes money from the platform as discussed on bitcoin news today.

Acinq and the Lightning Network

Acinq has raised over a million and a half in funding that will be used to make the network offer a more user-friendly experience to the user. In bitcoins today news, Acinq is not the only entity to receive funding for the development of the network. This has drawn the attention of many investors. Acinq is one of the only lighting network providers that offer the user an upgraded UX. Checking bitcoin news now will make you aware of the plans of Acinq to acquire four other developers to lend assistance to projects in the near future. It is the hope of the team that these new developers will bring a new strength that will aid Acinq in forcing on fixing the user-friendly problems users might encounter according to bitcoin news updates.

The beta testing network

The new network might still be in testing, but this has not deterred the investors in any way says bitcoin cash news. Along with Acinq, there has been more than one entity that has made significant funding investing in the development of the Lightning Network. Investors have seen the potential in the network and are willing to collaborate to see it reach its maximum potential. According to bitcoin news today the team of Acinq has taken the reins and are now the forerunners for the development of the network is bitcoin latest news. They are more focus on the next model that will incorporate the changes demanded by users to make their experience a better one.

Bitcoin is known for its issues in scalability and there are many members of the community of cryptocurrency trader who believe that the use of the lightning network is the solution to this problem. This might be the bridge that new crypto traders are looking for between them and those looking to invest in the new Lightning Network. There are some people that still believe that Acinq is not yet ready to take the reins, but the funds raised, and the investments made might reflect something very different.

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