5 best places to buy bitcoin in 2018


Bitcoin news now

Most bitcoin cash news believes that it is easy to decide on investing in cryptocurrency. The major thing to be concerned about is that you might make a good decision or a bad decision.  A good decision can be very rewarding while a bad one will result in the complete opposite. When you decide to invest in the currencies you should know where the best places are to get the coins. There are many currencies and they are traded on platforms worldwide on a daily basis.

Places to get bitcoins

Coinbase is one of the better-known places to get your currencies. It is a very popular worldwide because of the features it allows you to trade in with great security. Places such as America, Europe, Asia and Australia host the top investors that use this platform. The charges are the lowest in us and n the UK when compared to any other exchange. The payment methods include debit and credit card transactions. There are many cons to using the platform including the time taken for bank transfers and more, but they are outnumbered by the pros.

Coinmania is another great place to purchase cryptocurrencies according to most bitcoin latest news today. It also offers similar payment methods including debit and credit card payments. You can access this platform from anywhere worldwide and this is one of the more attractive qualities of the platform says most bitcoin news updates. It is preferred by many investors, but it is still not fully available in certain areas of the world. The fees are slightly more expensive because of the risk associated with providing these payment methods.

The bottom three

Changelly is one of the top five places to buy bitcoins. It is based in Czech and is one of the more known exchanges. The platform gained its popularity with the high limits that it provides. Most bitcoin news today talks about Indacoin and Local bitcoins. Both make up the top five places to purchases bitcoins according to bitcoin news now. Indacoin is an exchange that has been working since 2014. It is a lot easier to use than most exchanges. Localbitcoins gained its popularity through their P2P transactions worldwide. They offer the most secure platforms to trade along with P2P trading. Bitcoin news today warns about the major problem with this exchange. It is easy for you to get scammed or to do trade with these types of people.

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